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SPRICH BILD, SPRICH (Speak Image, Speak)

An E􏰃􏰃ssay film in de􏰇velopment􏰂

How does one cope with not having access to one’s collective history? How to grieve if collective mourning is criminalized? How to speak when one lives with fear? The experimental essay film “Speak Image, Speak” addresses the contradiction between the invisibility of Palestinian history and the simultaneous hypervisuality of the figure of the Palestinian as a potential perpetrator. The film looks back at colonially charged images, which are characterized by omissions, distortions and fictions. An ,oppositional gaze‘ (bell hooks) by those who are affected by the violence of the images. Disobedient speech by those who fear to speak in public. The film creates through fictional strategies a radical subjective counter memory of Palestinian history in Germany.

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